University of Missouri

The Laboratory for Comparative Ophthalmology is involved in various research projects, teaching and in clinical work concerning the retina and retinal diseases of companion animals and in animal models.

The research performed in Professor Narfström’s laboratory concerns mainly the characterization of hereditary retinal blinding diseases in animals that have their counterparts in humans. Clinical and laboratory studies in affected dogs and cats form the basis of her research. Ophthalmological, genetical, electrophysiological, and morphological descriptions of the disease processes are performed. Disease mechanisms are elucidated and, finally, treatment strategies are evaluated. The main goal of her studies is to find effective cures for hereditary retinal blinding disease for the affected animals and, ultimately, also for humans with comparable diseases. Further, safety issues are studied in the large animal models in order to prepare for human clinical studies.

The laboratory for Comparative Ophthalmology